Salutations Reader, to answer the question, let us first define what a Patron is? In my book; A Patron is a Person who gives Coin to the Cause! Since the word stems from Latin for father, we are willing to refer to a Patron as a ‘Big Daddy’ to the War Babies. Those who Support and Join The Mission, become extended Family and therefore are granted: Patron Privileges!

The granted privileges take on the form of these magic words: Early Access & Open Studio.

  • Early Access explained is:
    Seeing all the cool and cruel new stuff way earlier than other people outside the family circle.
  • Open Studio explained is:
    Well, it’s almost like you work here and know what is happening on the drawing board the same day.

The War Room measures in at 3 by 4 meters and is filled with tabletops, storage racks with tools and games. It more or less resembles a walk in closet with the command center, where I work at, as the core of the Game Studio. It is built to make use of the space efficiently and _mind blowing as it is_ not designed to entertain people. Meaning; It crowds very fast!

So the Open Studio is more like a virtual experience you can lean in to behind your workstation or lay back on the couch with your tablet, or whatever tickles your sweet spot? When you sign up as ‘Big Daddy’ at Sections of this Website will open up for Patrons Only!

There are three major blocks that come with a pecking order; Big, Bigger, Biggest!
To prevent an information overload, the descriptions will be kept to a minimum…



The Top Tiers are meant as a One Stop Shopping outlet. The first thing people see is a Big Number PER month? That’s because how the crowdfunding platform is set up; You support the Artist and/or Project per month. But what you really need to know: You Can Lower Your Membership At Any Time!

These Tiers are put in place to make the playable ‘Limited Edition’ prototypes available. All items are Uniquely Numbered Works of Art, Created And Assembled by your humble Game Smith. Because these items are Rewards to Welcome Patrons: The Price Tag is All Inn! Worldwide delivery is included.

So pick and purchase one of these Collectible Treasures; Today!!
And Get Yourself A Piece Of Game History! Out of Stock? Is Out Of Luck!! *Availability shown!

Use Pay-Pal or Credit-Card. Once you have been charged, you can ‘LOWER’ your Membership to a comfortable monthly amount and keep supporting #GameDevelopment!

Patron Privileges



The Drawing Board, or Command Center!! This is where I seriously need an army to Join The Mission!! The dream is to quit carpentry and draw Comics & Cards daily. Currently I work on Star Arena in between jobs. Which is fine and doable when it concerns; Design, writing, site building or anything digital you can stop and save? Things you can pick up and continue later at a convenient and next available time slot.

Yet, when it comes down to Artwork for the Cards? (ie: Card-Work!) I am more the Old School Traditionalist and much prefer to work with Pencil and Ink on Paper! This ‘Modus Operandi’ is less forgiving and demands dedication, a form of meditation to keep things in motion and does not take kindly to disturbances or abrupt pauses. To make it through the day; One must maintain concentration and become a Monk! Read; Turn Off Devices!! Each Stop & Go is a big: No~No!!

It is all about keeping momentum, and it is this quality time needs the most funding…
Help grease the wheels and get this War Machine in motion, join the mission; become a Patron.

Now if I give the impression that I am somehow panhandling or trying to swindle you out of coin?
Please feel free to: Fuck-Off And Go Bother Your Mother! I am neither here to steal nor beg and truly aim to entertain! In exchange for your support, I offer Web Comics and Game Cards for you to Read & Play!

The people I am looking for to Join The Mission and become a Patron are those who want the ‘Dark Horse’ to beat the odds and root for the ‘Under Dog’ to win! …Are You Game?



There must be hundreds of tall tales out on the battle grid that keep me awake at night, fighting for a way out onto the blank paper. If you have a healthy appetite for ‘Hack & Slash’ and a palette for some good old ‘Gore’ and more!? Take a leap of faith;

“Join The Mission: Commit some Coin to the Cause and help me achieve these GOALS.”

This astronomic sized ‘Sand Box’ named the ‘Star Arena’ has been created as a playground for my Trademark Characters; “The Cute & Brute War Babies That Fight In The Front Line Of Battle Against Evil Forces Crawling Out Of The Dark Underbelly Of Cyber-Space In The StarArena MetaVerse!”

When you ‘Join The Mission’ you will be able to ‘Follow’ these Soldiers on foot, and enjoy the privilege of ‘Early Access’ to the published ‘Comics & Cards!’ …Again for all clarity; Comics ‘Generate’ Cards!

Patron Privileges

So, the Middle Ranking is mainly about Comics & Cards and the structure should be simple enough; The More you Pledge to the War Chest? The More Privileges you are Granted!

This Middle Bracket is where; All Things New Happen!
On the low end: You get to Read & Play periodic new publications. On the high end: You will be able to view in advance concept sketches for new episodes. And possibly even vote on upcoming story lines. Depending on how deep you want to be involved in The Mission.

Specially made for Patrons who support the ‘Comic Craft’ section, are these ‘Modem Rewards!’

Patron Privileges


Now; All Coins Are Appreciated! And to make even the smallest contributions mean something, these lower Patron Packs promote the: Open Studio!

What this means is, In this section you are granted; Access To All (Older) Artwork In The Archives! So anything where the ‘Early Access’ period from above has ‘Expired’. But still for ‘Patrons Only’ and not available to the public!! The more Comics I am able to make, the bigger these libraries will become…

Patron Privileges

Below is a movie clip of older Card Work: To give an impression of the work that needs to be done and the amount of fun that is to come! When you consider that my minimum Comic Format consists of 4 of these Art Boards, that generate 4 Game Cards. I hope you can anticipate where this project is heading? What remains to be completed is a life filled with; Comics & Cards!



For those of you who are not great at Arithmetic and prefer Visuals? Like this crazy comic artist that is talking to you; “That does ‘ALL’ his carpentry sums on a calculator, because he can fuck up even the simplest subtraction!” Check Out The Chart Below….

This is what can be Achieved when All ‘GOALS‘ are reached! *And I need to hire an assistant!

Patron Privileges



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