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...Is As Low As I Can Go!

SW_056 is a Counter Attack game card where you take over the battle, with the Defender becomes the Attacker and takes over the opponent’s turn and actions.


Original Artwork Guarantee & Delivery.

  • Tip: Make sure you understand the different Paper-Sizes before ordering.
  • The artwork is made on 400-gram Custom-Made artboards and will be sent out with postal services the first following workday, signed by the artist.

SW_056 stands for Soft Ware and the Card Number.
Software Cards are essential to your survival on the Battlefield: How To Play?

Most of the Artwork in the Gallery was created for a Comic and converted into Cards.
In the product description I will note for which Story they were drawn and which episode.

These were drawn in 2018 for a Dutch~Gems crossover.

Dimensions 148 × 105 × 0.5 mm
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